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Building and deploying JavaFX Applications on Android


What do you need in order to build and deploy JavaFX Applications on Android?

  1. You need the Android SDK. You can download this here. The SDK is sufficient if you only want to develop applications (in the .apk format). If you want to install the applications on devices, or run emulators, you need to download the ADT bundle. Make sure to remember where you download it into.
  2. You need a JavaFX-Dalvik Runtime. You can either download it here (easy) or build this yourself (less trivial). Always download the latest version of the runtime. The latest version is currently dalvik-sdk-b4.
  3. You need a regular JavaFX Application, compiled with Java 7.
  4. You need the gradle buildsystem (on Linux, Gradle 1.4 is reported to be successful, on Windows, Gradle 1.9 has been used with success) Continue reading